måndag 16 januari 2012


Idag upptäckte en vän till mig att mitt porträtt på vargen på Kolmården har spridits på nätet av någon som har klippt bort min copyright-"logo". Jag håller på att spåra upp så många som möjligt för att be dom ta bort bilden/ersätta den med den jag har lagt upp här på bloggen med mitt namn på. Copyright finns av en anledning - att den som skapat något ska få credit för sitt jobb och ha ensamrätt till det! Så alla ni som kopierar bilder härifrån och tar bort mitt namn: om jag upptäcker att någon av er gör om det kommer jag att skicka en räkning! Olovlig användning av bilder är ett brott så tänk på det innan!

Translation: Today one of my friends found out that my portrait of the wolf from Kolmården zoo has been spred on the internet by someone who has cropped away my copyright-"logo". I'm trying to find as many people as possible to ask them to remove/replace the picture with the one from my blog wich has my name on it. Copyright exist for a reason - so that the one who have created something get credit for their work and have the sole right to it! So all of you people who copies my picture from my blog and removes my name: if I find out that it happens again I will send the bill!  Unlawful use of pictures is a crime so think it over before you do it!

Här är bilden för er som vill byta ut den på er blogg etc./ Here's the picture for you who want to replace the one you've got on your blog etc:

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Elise sa...

sv: Ber så hemskt mkt om ursäkt! hade ingen aning om detta tar bort den genast. Väldigt fin bild förresten:)

Anonym sa...


Thanks for informing us about your picture. We found it on one of these sites that collect images people like and it didn't have your name on it.

We would like to keep it on our blog, since it's a nice pic, but if you prefer that we remove it, we can do it; no problem at all.

Until we hear from you again, we will change it and use the original with a link to your blog.


Anonym sa...

Just a tip for you: since we found your pic spread through internet, and your name was cropped, we think it's gonna be hard for you to track all them and have your pic removed. Wordpress controls these sort of think and if you have a way to prove that the picture is yours (it must be copyrighted internationaly), they can force bloggers to remove the picture. But not all sites do that!!!

Be sure to copyright all your pictures before publishing them, otherwise you will have a lot of headaches trying to force people to stop using your pic. Not ewith us though.



Dear Sofie, beautiful, forgive me for using one of his photographs, mainly because she was manipulated.

How was kind enough to offer that used the original, I accepted it and will post on my blog, along with one of his face, of course, if I may.

I loved his work, the photographs are beautiful, sensitive and extremely good taste, the issue could not be better, animals and nature.

I became his follower and admirer.

Feel a hug and a kiss with all my affection.

Climaxic sa...

Hello, i got your picture from Picsy, and there was no logo on it, im sorry, but im wondering if i could use it, of course with your logo on it, in my tumblr, because the picture is too damn beautiful.

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